Garner TS-1XTE Degausser Hard Drive & Tape Degausser with IRONCLAD Display Unit, Image Capture System, Scanner

  • Generates 10,000+ gauss (1 Tesla)
  • Complete data elimination on hard drives and tape in 3 seconds
  • Erases working and non-working magnetic media
  • CE certified
  • Media destruction report capable
  • Bar-Code Scanner
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20,000 Gauss in 15 seconds, the most powerful erasure for Top Secret data.

Highly sensitive classified and top-secret data demands the ultimate erasing power of our TS-1XTE Hard Drive & Tape Degausser. Listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List (EPL) for erasure of Top Secret data, the TS-1XTE generates an evenly distributed 20,000 gauss (2 Tesla) magnetic field in just 15 seconds.

The TS-1XTE delivers maximum erasure to every area of the drive or tape, no matter how drives or tapes are oriented in the media drawer. The TS-1XTE also comes with a  SCAN-1XE scanner and software package to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.

Powerful and compliant

– 20,000+ Gauss for the most secure erasure
– Listed by the NSA/EPL for secure destruction
– Erases high-coercivity media in 15 seconds
– Erases working or non-working drives
– No cooldown between cycles

Best-in-class hardware

– CE certified, tested to high safety standards
– Ideal for high-security environments
– Economical and quiet design
– Portable with retractable handles
– Durable enough for tough environments

Enhanced with IRONCLAD

Destroying data is all well and good, but can you prove it?

Garner is the only brand of degaussers and destroyers with IRONCLAD, an erasure and destruction verification system that automatically captures a JPEG image of the hard drive immediately after it is degaussed and generates a proof-of-destruction certificate for audit and archival purposes.



Garner Products

The world leader in Data Elimination

Garner — the world leader in data elimination — they design, manufacture, and sell equipment that delivers complete, permanent, and verifiable data elimination. Our products ensure your data is unrecoverable. Founded more than 50 years ago, we serve government and business customers from every industry sector in countries around the world, providing time-tested solutions for permanent data security of working and nonworking hard drives, magnetic tape, and solid-state media through products that include:
  • Independently tested and certified degaussing equipment that completely eliminates all data on magnetic tapes, hard drives, and even old floppy disks by altering the media’s magnetic properties
  • NSA/CSS EPL-listed destruction equipment that bends, breaks and mangles hard drives deterring any attempt to recover data
  • Patented solid-state destroyer with 90 spikes to puncture, perforate, and waffle media, demolishing the individual memory chips so data cannot be retrieved.
  • Garner offers equipment rental and data destruction services for small businesses, economical degaussers and destroyers for small- to mid-size companies, and NSA/CSS EPL-listed equipment that meets the data security requirements of multinational enterprises, government contractors and the United States government.


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